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Kaleidospace (a.k.a. “Kspace”) is a design, development, and consulting firm committed to helping independent arts & entertainment companies and creative professionals in the music, film, game, art, performance, design, writing, and publishing industries increase brand awareness and develop their careers online through high-impact websites, social media, community engagement — and the use of emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, crowdsourcing, cross-media, and real-time collaboration.


Kaleidospace designs logos, websites, trailers, advertising assets, social media comps, and more.


Kaleidospace provides web, interactive media, information design development services.


With a combination of academic knowledge and hands-on experience, the Kaleidospace team uses a highly analytical approach to get results.


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We’ve been working in media and entertainment since the early 1990s.

Frequently Asked Questions


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When was Kspace founded?

Kaleidospace was founded by Jeannie Novak and Pete Markiewicz on January 1, 1994 in Santa Monica, California.

Who founded Kspace?

Kspace was co-founded in 1994 by Jeannie Novak and Pete Markiewicz.


Jeannie is Co-Founder and President of Novy Unlimited, Co-Founder of Kaleidospace (home of Indiespace), and Lead Author/Series Editor of Cengage Learning’s widely acclaimed Game Development Essentials series (with more than 15 published titles). Jeannie has provided game consulting services for game technology companies, serious game developers, research institutions, and colleges/universities such as UC Berkeley, USC’s Information Sciences Institute, Alelo, and GameSalad. Jeannie holds a BA in Mass Communication from UCLA and an MA in Communication Management from the Annenberg School at USC. She is on the Online Gameplay and Connectivity committees for the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and has served on the Executive Boards of Women in Games International and the International Game Developers Association. Jeannie is also an accomplished composer, songwriter, and performer (piano/voice).


Pete co-founded Indiespace in 1994, received his doctorate from the University of Chicago in Theoretical Biology, and did postgraduate genetic research at the UCLA Molecular and Biology group. In the early 1990s helped install Internet connectivity for UCLA’s Life Sciences department and worked as chief web “webmaster” for Santa Monica College. Pete currently teaches at the Art Institute of California – Los Angeles, is a core team member on the Art Institute Online’s Second Life Initiative, and works in the area of generational studies.

What is the history of Kspace?

In 1993, the “World Wide Web” was being used for science and research rather than commercial arts and entertainment.  Jeannie Novak’s friend, Pete Markiewicz—then a research scientist at Amgen—showed her a few web sites at research institutions and universities that showcased what appeared to be animations of protein models, with sound in the form of narration. Seeing how text, graphics, audio, and video could be integrated into one environment that could conceivably connect with people all over the world gave her an idea: Why not use this as a marketing, promotion, and sales tool for her own music and other creative projects? This would solve the problem of remaining independent—allowing Jeannie to come up with a new form of “online” marketing that went beyond “street.” Limited by the comparatively arcane tools at their disposal, Jeannie and Pete began to build a web site from scratch—officially co-founding Indiespace (formerly Kaleidospace), the first web-based company to sell a CD online. Indiespace’s services soon expanded beyond sales and distribution to include marketing, promotion, music licensing/supervision, and most recently, social networking and project management.

Who does Kspace work with?

Kspace works with creative independent artists of all types (visual artists, filmmakers, animators, performers, authors, game developers, and of course, musicians).

What is the difference between Kspace and Indiespace?

Indiespace’s services currently focus on connecting creatives. Kaleidospace provides consulting and contracting services to creatives.

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